Locked down and into my first blog

So here goes…

I’ve wanted to set up my own blog for 2 years now but there was always something more important to do – data, planning, marking some of the best pieces of writing, trying to cook dinner and wash up at the same time… But now, with all that’s going on, I’ve decided to actually give it a whirl.

There are thousands of blogs already, but i’m hoping I provide informative posts with an edge of wit that keeps my reader wanting to read on, which is what writing is about ey? (Cheeky little segway into Purpose and Audience… )

I’m currently an Assistant Head Teacher in Birmingham and I lead Literacy. I am also a year 6 teacher and I absolutely adore it. After teaching for 5 years, my love of reading has just grown and grown and I feel compelled to share the current journey my school has been on. The journey has been and always will be based on evidence research. Because of this evidence-informed practice I have also recently been appointed as an Evidence Lead in Education (ELE) and am so fortunate to be working for and with the most inspirational Head Teacher.

This blog will endeavour to:

  • Discuss and unpick the Teaching of Reading as recommended by Doug Lemov and what this actually looks like in a primary setting (but suitable to a secondary one too!)
  • Provide resources which will be useful to practitioners no matter their provision of reading (although whole class and guided is obviously best). I will also try and upload as a document too for children to do whilst learning at home.
  • Take you through any interesting books that have been recommended or any FANTASTIC reads that I can’t help but blabber about.
  • Probably loads more but if I do any more bullet points you’ll stop scrolling.

I hope you come back for more!

Illustrations from ‘The Lion Inside’ – Rachel Bright and Jim Field (a beautiful book about confidence)